We Are Only as Good as Our Partners
Our relationships with subcontractors are crucial, and S&S Building and Development (S&S) relies on them from the day we bid a project until completion. We value those who take initiative in their jobs and offer solutions-oriented approaches to each building project.

On the job site, everyone is a valued member of the S&S team. We actively seek ideas from subcontractors on ways to avoid delays and reduce costs. In this atmosphere of partnership, we maintain a positive and productive work site. The S&S team takes “ownership” of each project.

Our Commitment to Subcontractors:

  • A fair and open bid and award process
  • A Subcontractor Kickoff Meeting to promote communicate and clarify expectations
  • Strong leadership that fosters respect, support, safety, communication, collaboration and accountability
  • Timely project conclusion and payment
  • Commitment to building strong relationships

We are very proud of our commitment and the utilization of small businesses.

S&S Building and Development works large business, local subcontractors and regional vendors.
We are very proud of our commitment to the utilization of small businesses.
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